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Master Resume Writer
Executive Resume Master
Certified Employment Interview Consultant
Magnetize Your Federal Resume Certified Writer
Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award
Judge for World's Best Resume Writer Competition

Put a Master Resume Writer in Your Corner!

Certified Master Resume Writer

Certified Executive Resume Master
Magnetize Your Federal Resume Certified Writer

Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award

master resume writer

Best Certified Resume Writer Pennsylvania has to Offer 

Consider yourself the perfect candidate for jobs you are targeting, but frustrated by the low or zero response to your resume?
Wondering how to best present your background to win a promotion with your current employer?
Looking to explore new career opportunities and don't know where to start in seeking out expert career guidance?
Gainfully employed and comfortable in your current position, but want to be more proactive with your networking, social media, and personal branding efforts?

Have you ever considered working for the federal government, but have been deterred by the thought of the "red tape" involved and the time-consuming application process?
Are you a career-minded professional who needs expert advice in winning the interviews you want and deserve, navigating through the job search maze, or managing your career in a way that suits your current and future needs?

If any of the above scenarios describes your situation, then Dynamic Resume Solutions (DRS) may be the “right fit” to collaborate with you on marketing your qualifications to "stand out" in today's competitive job market. 

There are many service providers to choose from for resume and career services, so it is important to make an “informed and educated decision” when researching your options for professional resume writing and career services assistance.


With the genuine desire to help others while “making a difference” in people’s lives, Darlene Dassy is at the top of her industry with extensive experience as a professional resume writer along with a business background, encompassing several newly created positions within start-up divisions. Below is what Darlene brings to the table

Global leader and professional resume writer with broad experience in the career services industry! Darlene served as a judge for the Toast of the Industry Awards and was a long-time member of the Certification Committee to uphold the standards and integrity of resume writing practices for new and experienced writers.

Through ongoing industry dedication and commitment, Darlene has earned the most prestigious designations. Her most prominent credentials include: Certified Master Resume Writer, Certified Executive Resume Master, Magnetize Your Federal Resume Certified Writer, and Certified Employment Interview Consultant.

Proven track record of success and 98% customer satisfaction rate. Due to the business model of only accepting a small amount of clients (from 6 to 10 monthly), Darlene is a top resume writing service focusing on creating a highly customized and branded approach to the resume development and coaching process.

Darlene is the sole person who collaborates and communicates on a client’s resume project and coaching needs. With many services on the Internet, the consumer does not know who (or what) they are getting when they sign up. DRS will not try to sell job seekers any services they do not want or need. Not all business owners will do that because profitability is the key for them - not the client’s best interest.

Job seekers get a warm and caring professional who is dedicated to helping clients achieve success, confidence, and empowerment. These outcomes are different for each individual, so it would be whatever that may entail for you!

Make the decision today to put your career direction and destiny in your hands by contacting Dynamic Resume Solutions in order to see if we are “a good fit” for your job search needs. Let one of the best resume writing services help you succeed!


Relieve Stress and Anxiety knowing you don’t have to handle the job search alone and you have an expert in your corner who is leading you in the right direction every step of the way!

Avoid Lost Income due to a long, drawn out job search and provide financial security after you secure the interview and get the job offer you wanted OR the well-deserved promotion or raise.

Clarify and Define Your Career Goal thus leading you in the right direction for your job search and also help to identify and address job issues and roadblocks holding you back from success.

Ongoing Support, Motivation, and Accountability for a successful job search and “peace of mind” knowing your career expert cares and has your best interests in mind every step of the way.

Career services are invaluable and an investment in YOU to “stand out” in today’s competitive job market, so contact Dynamic Resume Solutions today to see if we can assist you!


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