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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Dynamic Resume Solutions DIFFERENT from Other Services?

Answer:  With the Principal of the Dynamic Resume Solutions, Darlene Dassy, being a Global Leader and Professional Resume Writer with 14 years of broad experience in the career services industry, we can proudly tout:

Through ongoing industry deducation and commitment, Darlene is one of only a handful of careers professionals who has earned the industry's oldest and most prestigious Master-Level Credentials ... Master Career Director (MCD), Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW) and Certified Executive Resume Master (CERM).

Proven track record of success and 98% customer satisfaction rate. Due to the business model of Dynamic Resume Solutions (DRS) only accepting a small amount of clients (from 6 to 10 monthly), Darlene is a TOP level service provider focusing on creating a highly customized and branded approach to the resume development and coaching process.

Darlene is the sole person who collaborates and communicates with the client  on their resume project and job search needs. With many services on the Internet, the consumer doesn’t know who (or what) they are getting when they sign up.

DRS is not going to try to sell you any services you don’t want and/or need. Not all business owners will do that because bottom-line profitability is the key for them - not the client’s best interest.

A warm and caring professional who is dedicated to helping her clients achieve success, confidence, and empowerment. These outcomes are different for each individual, so it would be whatever that may entail for you!

How Often should my Resume be UPDATED?

Answer:   It is recommended that you update your resume once a year around the time of September’s International Update Your Resume Month (or at least once every other year). Even if you aren’t planning a job search, you can never count on employment stability. If you’re caught unprepared, and need a resume tomorrow (or “yesterday” as we say), you run the risk of submitting an inferior resume, which won’t achieve interest or interviews.

How is my Resume COMPARED Against Other Candidates?

Answer:   Before placing your resume in the hands of a hiring manager or decision maker, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I make myself “stand out” and does my resume accurately portray my key selling points and qualifications I bring to the table?

Does my resume pass the “so what” test -- why do I care? what can you offer us?

Do I incorporate the proper keyword terminology (“buzzwords”) in my resume so that my resume makes it to the pile of “call” candidates?

Do I tell potential employers the type(s) of positions I am seeking or do I just have the vague objective at the top of the resume?

Do I Need DIFFERENT VERSIONS of my Resume?

Answer:   For most people, one resume version is sufficient and recommended, but the cover letter can be the place where you emphasize certain aspects of your background depending on the job description of the position you are applying for. If you have very dissimilar job targets, a second resume version would be needed and could be provided at a lower fee.

How Much Does it COST to hire a Professional Resume Writer?

Answer:   Resume costs vary widely with fees depending upon the services included, credentials of the writer, and scope of the project. Professional resume writers who are certified command a higher price because of their expertise, credentials, number of years in the business, and success rate. If you are seeking the master-level services of Dynamic Resume Solutions, please review the Professional Services or Executive Services page to determine the level of service you need and the job search package best suited for you. Prices in the market vary from a typing service to a high-quality provider with 10+ years of experience in the field. If you are a career-minded professional seeking to secure top-quality personal marketing documents that help you stand out in today's competitive job market, it is important to do some research beforehand so that you are an informed consumer.

How LONG DOES IT TAKE to have a Resume Developed?

Answer:   The resume development process is a collaborative effort between the client and the writer. Therefore, it normally takes between 2 and 4 weeks from the time we agree to work together in order to produce the resume draft. However, the client can expect to receive their resume draft in MS Word attachment within 10 to 15 business days from the time the writer receives all of the requested information from the client.

What Does a VIRTUAL (long distance) Professional Mean?

Answer:   This means there is no need for you to meet with a person for a face-to-face visit. Everything is completed through email and telephone. Busy people find this very helpful and, most importantly, it does not diminish the quality of the document the writer produces. It also removes geographic limits, so you can hire the resume writer you really want and is not based on where the client and writer are physically located. Dynamic Resume Solutions is located in Reading, Pennsylvania, but clients are nationwide.

What if I am not COMPLETELY SATISFIED with the Resume?

Answer:   From my experience, this would be rare occurrence since most clients are extremely pleased with the outcome of their document and only need minor revisions. If you are unable to secure interviews for positions you are qualified for with the resume created by Dynamic Resume Solutions, feel free to come back to us within 45 days with 5 or 6 job descriptions for positions you have applied for. At that point, we will discuss your particular situation, review the targeted resume, determine the best course of action, and recommend to you some options -- ALL at no charge to you.

If any further questions arise that are not addressed above, feel free to contact Darlene Dassy directly at info@dynamicresumesolutions.com.

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