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About DRS
Master Resume Writer
Executive Resume Master
Certified Employment Interview Consultant
Magnetize Your Federal Resume Certified Writer
Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award
Judge for World's Best Resume Writer Competition
Master the Job Search with a Seasoned Career Professional !

Master the Job Search with a Seasoned Career Professional !

Darlene personally communicates with clients while consulting with them on their resume project which involves answering and responding to questions, writing your resume, providing related career services, and more.
Clients have unlimited email access to Darlene during the course of working together and each client receives unparalleled collaboration and communication, from the initial phone contact and resume development process.

Each project encompasses 8 to 10 hours of time from initial consultation through to completion. The collaboration continues to finalization of documents and conveying any strategies used to market your unique career background.
The partnership will continue, and commences when you are ready -- if you have also retained Dynamic Resume Solutions for coaching services pertaining to help with the job search and/or interviewing!

The service Darlene provides is highly customized to YOUR particular needs. You can expect a same-day response (and many times an immediate response) when communicating with Darlene as her client.
Darlene is the person who writes and oversees ALL client projects and many clients have commented, “It was easy to work with you which reduced my stress with the job search and helped me move forward in a positive way!”
Additionally, since Darlene has a specific market for her services, she only “takes on” a select number of small clients each month (usually 6 to 10), so that each-and-every client can be assured of receiving the high quality work and TOP level of customer service they want and deserve.

Dynamic Resume Solutions is not a “resume mill,” resume typing service, or the like -- as a number of the companies you will find on the Internet are. Getting noticed in today’s high competitive job market is what “sets us apart.”
Although typing is a part of the service expected when one hires a professional resume writer, it is important one understands that with hiring Dynamic Resume Solutions it is the Master-level professional resume writing, strategic development, design skills, and more that goes into creating a unique top-notch personal marketing document.

Having your resume written professionally and retaining coaching help in the areas of job search, employment interviews, and career management is an “investment in your future.” Examples of how utilizing DRS services can help the average hard-working job seeker obtain REAL results can be found on the page called, “Career Stories.”
If Dynamic Resume Solutions ultimately gives you the confidence you need to market yourself as a qualified and competent job candidate and helps you win more interviews; maximize your strengths; stand out from the crowd; and land your ideal job sooner, then your decision to retain DRS is WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT!
Some other benefits of hiring Dynamic Resume Solutions could include: elevate your earnings potential / justify a bigger salary (internally or externally); apply for an internal promotion (where in today’s job market your resume needs to be just as good or better than outside candidates); solve tough job search challenges (such as job gaps or re-entering the workforce); and succeed in transitioning to a new career.

Darlene walks clients through the step-by-step process of obtaining and gathering the RIGHT information to market clients in the best possible light, based on one’s current career goal.
The ease of working with Darlene along with her warm and caring approach has helped clients reduce the overwhelming feeling one gets with a pending or active job search.
You can be assured Darlene will be DILIGENT in obtaining the RIGHT data. This information-gathering process serves a dual purpose of helping you prepare for the interviews. That alone is worth the investment to clients!

The most compelling recognition for Dynamic Resume Solutions does not come from any institution, BUT from its valued clients! Darlene Dassy, boasts a record of 98% client satisfaction rate with numerous testimonials and career stories to back up the claim. Satisfied clients have appreciated Darlene’s ability to “lay out a clear path and process” for job seekers to follow. Additionally, clients have also liked Darlene’s passion, warm and caring approach, professionalism, attention to detail, commitment to quality, and personal touch she brings to the client relationship and deliverable services.
Career Transition Specialist – Darlene’s broad experience in the careers industry has allowed her to position herself as a top industry professional who has repeatedly provided the vision, tools, motivation, strategies, and expertise to guide her clients to success.
Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW) – Darlene’s work stands out for its clear and concise writing style, easy readability for hiring managers, advanced formatting to grab the attention of the reader, and superior command of the English language and conformity to resume writing standard practices that makes every bullet point an unfolding story.
Certified Executive Resume Master (CERM) – The second master-level credential Darlene earned is specifically for professionals who excel at writing executive resumes. This designation assures global executives at all levels that Darlene knows how to adequately leverage the tools of the trade acquired over the course of her career to help senior managers position themselves in mastering the contemporary executive job search.
Certified Job Search Expert (CIJSE) – The resume is the most important tool in conducting a successful job search, but there are numerous obstacles “standing in the way” of job seekers finding suitable employment. Some key areas covered during Darlene’s job search coaching sessions include: Brainstorming ideas on job search strategies. Navigating through the job search maze and suggestions for contacting hiring managers. Collaborating with an expert who will share tips, access to resources, and suggestions for diversifying your job search. Accountability partner providing encouragement and feedback to keep you on track to finding suitable employment.
Certified Employment Interview Consultant (CEIC) – Working with Darlene could mean the difference between getting job offers and being continually overlooked. Since the interview is the only competitive sport where you never get to see your competitors perform, it is important to level the playing field and perform above-and-beyond the other players. The focus is guiding you through Face-to-Face and Phone Interview Questions, along with providing ideas for questions you can Ask the Interviewer. Discover the purpose of each interview question and develop your own customized responses.

Lifetime Achievement Award – Darlene distinguished herself from her peers for achieving the highest standards of performance in the careers industry in the areas of industry longevity, master-level credentialing, continuing education, and lifelong learning. Darlene also received the Ambassador of Excellence, Above-and-Beyond Achievement, and President’s Award of Excellence for her overall industry commitment and contributions.

Make the decision today to put your career direction and destiny in your hands  by contacting Dynamic Resume Solutions to see if we are "a good fit" for your job search needs. 

Let one of the best resume writing services help you succeed!


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