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  1. Setting the Stage for Your Career Management

    According to the online definition at www.businessdictionary.com, Career Management is defined as: “Lifelong, self-monitored process of career planning that involves choosing and setting personal goals, and formulating strategies for achieving them.” From my perspective as a Master Career Director and Certified Master Resume Writer, it also means taking a long-term approach to your professional career by looking at ways you can be more attractive to another employer, continually being aware of what you bring to the table, and preparing yourself before you need (or want) to seek out new employment!

    One way to manage your career, even if you are not currently looking for new employment, is to Update Your References. In May of each year, Career Directors International (CDI) promotes Update Your References Week. For workers not in the job market and happy with their present situation, letting the week pass by without thinking about your career may seem like the logical approach. Remember, though, that the best time to keep in touch with others is before you need their help.

    “Employment situations can change quickly, and action now can reap rewards later. So use the time as an opportunity to network. Drop an email or two to former colleagues to see how they are doing, or invite someone you haven’t seen in a while to lunch. Getting in touch puts you back in other people’s minds, which makes contacting them if you ever need a reference seem much less out of the blue. In the process, you also may discover that your former boss has retired or an old co-worker has moved to a different company – information that could be useful down the road. Be sure to provide your up-to-date contact information to anyone with whom you get in touch, and ask them to do the same,” says Laura DeCarlo, President of CDI.

    Apply these tips to begin proactively managing your career today!

  2. Benefits of working with a Master Resume Writer and Career Coach

    Often, I hear people asking the question, "Why should I work with a Resume Writer/Career Coach?" Our answer: the amazing return on investment!
    Having your resume written professionally and retaining coaching help in the areas of job search, employment interviews, and career management is an “investment in your future.” If Dynamic Resume Solutions ultimately gives you the confidence you need to market yourself as a qualified and competent job candidate and helps you win more interviews; maximize your strengths; stand out from the crowd; and land your ideal job sooner, then your decision to retain DRS services is WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT! 
    Some other benefits of hiring Dynamic Resume Solutions include: elevate your earnings potential / justify a bigger salary (internally or externally); apply for an internal promotion (where in today’s job market your resume needs to be just as good or better than outside candidates); solve tough job search challenges (such as job gaps or re-entering the workforce); and succeed in transitioning to a new career.

    Ongoing collaboration and communication and customized personal marketing and branding services are just a few of the other benefits.

    Make the decision today to put your career direction and destiny in your hands by contacting Dynamic Resume Solutions to see if we are “a good fit” for your job search needs. Let one of the best resume writing services help you succeed and become empowered to master the job search today.
  3. Why I love my job as a Professional Resume Writer and Job Search Coach!      

    Love is in the air! With Valentine's Day almost here, I wanted to share why I love my job (and my great clients, too)!

    The journey to LOVING my rewarding career started 14 years ago after experiencing a corporate wide layoff as Quality Control Manager in the financial services industry. 
    That experience taught me many lessons, but more importantly, that life-changing event allows me to relate on various levels to the struggles job seekers encounter with “standing out” in today’s competitive job market.

    With a warm and caring approach to providing the tools / resources job seekers need to be successful, I LOVE “empowering career-minded professionals to master the job search and enabling clients to put their “direction, decisions, and destiny” in their OWN hands!

    As a global leader in the careers industry, I am extremely passionate about my career path because it allows me to help job seekers land their ideal position in their field (and industry) of interest; reduce the stress associated with the task of conducting a job search; and build the confidence they need to market themselves well during the interview process.

    My Expertise makes an impact in the lives of my clients!

    With the genuine desire to help others while “making a difference” in people’s lives, I work primarily with business and management professionals to help them realize career satisfaction and LOVE their job too!

    Do you love your job? There's nothing better than loving what you do. Call us today at 610-678-0147 or email info@dynamicresumesolutions.com to find out how we can help you! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. 10 Tips for Landing Your Ideal Job!

    1. Determine if your Old Resume Represents Your Career & Qualifications Well on Paper
    Before beginning to write your resume (whether you decide to do-it yourself or hire a professional resume writer to help you), you will first need to honestly ask yourself… Does this resume truly reflect my skills, qualifications, and abilities? Is this resume updated to my current position? Is my resume basically a laundry list of job responsibilities? Do I outline my entire work history without consideration to my career goal and job target? Do I say too much or not enough in marketing myself? Does my resume need a “facelift” in terms of writing, formatting, and complying with modern resume standards?
    2. Assess Your Career Direction and Current Career Goal
    When it becomes evident that you want or need to change jobs by securing employment in another company (or advancing in your current company), the first step is to decide what you want to do in your next position and the types of jobs you want to target. This may involve the multi-pronged approach of reviewing job descriptions on the Internet or going directly to company websites (for companies you might be interested in exploring career opportunities with). Ask yourself honestly, Do I have the qualifications to do well in this position? And is this a position I’d be interested in applying for if the geographic location, company culture, and salary requirements are a “good fit?” Would I consider this my ideal job or one that could lead to obtaining my ideal job?
    3. Determine the Job Search Tactics You Will Use to Market Yourself
    Is your idea of conducting a job search going on the Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com websites and posting your resume, and then waiting to hear from prospective employers. If that is the case, you may be surprised to learn the “new” (and not-so-new) job search strategies involve company research, informational interviews, telephone pre-screenings, networking, and not focusing on “advertised” positions. There is just as much of a mental and emotional process involved in the job search, so it is always best to still be gainfully employed while searching for a new position. Although job seekers have more time constraints when they are still employed and seeking out new employment, there are a lot of tools and resources available to job seekers. More importantly, career services companies, like Dynamic Resume Solutions, are available to help. Check out www.dynamicresumesolutions.com.
    4. Write a Resume that Captures, Paints a Picture of your Background, and Targets you for your Ideal Position
    Your resume needs to show what you bring to the table and why a potential employer should hire you. The most effective way to demonstrate that fact on a resume and get them to call you in for an interview is to outline your Accomplishments / Achievements in your present or past positions – not just listing job duties with a vague Objective Statement as resumes were traditionally done in the past. The reason for this is that potential employers want to know why they should hire YOU versus the hundreds of other candidates applying. Therefore, what you want to convey is: What makes YOU stand out and how can YOU be immediately productive to their company. The best way to do this is to show what you have accomplished with current/past employers.
    5. Prepare Other Personal Marketing Documents such as E-Notes or Traditional Cover Letters along with a LinkedIn Profile
    Everyone knows that you need a resume to secure almost any job nowadays. However, don’t forget that e-note cover letters or the more traditional one-page cover letter along with a LinkedIn Profile are the other key documents that job seekers should have to market and brand themselves the same way their “new” and updated resume does. In other words, you want to portray your qualifications the same way throughout all of your personal marketing documents. Social media, particularly LinkedIn, has now become the place where job seekers and hiring managers go when they want to find qualified candidates. Don’t shortchange yourself by missing out on LinkedIn; it was originally designed as a networking website for business professionals!

    6. Research Companies You are Interested in Exploring Career Opportunities With
    The Internet can be overwhelming, but no one can deny that it is a great resource when you want to find information quickly and efficiently. As we know, the information on the Internet is not always accurate, but it is still a great place to go when you are starting a job search to research companies you might be interested in working for, review company financial information, and find job descriptions for various positions of interest.
    7. Adequately Prepare for Employment Interviews
    When most people think of interviews, the first thing that comes to mind is the in-person interview. In today’s world, it is important to realize the interview begins when you submit your resume and provide your contact information to potential employers. The first step is making sure you have an email address and phone message that is professional sounding. Also, keep in mind that phone interviews are now common practice and used as a first screening of job candidates, so be professional and be prepared that it could be a potential employer on the line when you answer your phone.
    8. Continually Seek Out Ways to Improve Your Skills
    Enroll in opportunities for professional development and continuing education. This allows you to be a more marketable job seeker and shows potential employers you are a continual learner in your area(s) of expertise. Many employers will pay all (or a portion) of this cost for their employees to keep up-to-date with training and seminars. Keep as current as possible since your resume should only reflect the last 10 years of professional development.
    9. Know When You are too Close to the Situation to be Objective
    It is very hard to be objective when it comes to your own resume, your career, and your life. Add into the mix that friends and family can be well meaning, but sometimes they have a hard time in helping job seekers due to misinformation and lack of knowledge. So if you are a career-minded professional who realizes you are too emotionally tied to your background and career, you may be best served by going to a career expert for advice and guidance. A good resource for professional resume writing and job search coaching services is Dynamic Resume Solutions at www.dynamicresumesolutions.com.
    10. Assessing the Company You Interviewed with to Determine the Fit for Your Career
    When securing a job interview, many people get caught up in the idea that, “they are interviewing me,” and as a result, get very nervous and sometimes common sense can go “out the window” with some basic do’s and don’ts. The key thing to remember in a job interview is, “YOU are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you.” So ask yourself after the interview, is this a position I’d be interested in applying for if the geographic location, company culture, and salary requirements are a “good fit?” Would I consider this position to be my ideal job or one that could lead to obtaining my ideal job in the future?” If after the interview you STILL want to be considered for the job, make sure to send a thank you or follow-up letter. In very competitive positions, this little letter could mean the difference between getting the job and not, and negotiating the compensation you deserve. 

    At Dynamic Resume Solutions, we can help! We're career experts who skillfully guide job seekers through the process every step of the way. Call us today at (610) 678-0147 to begin the steps to achieving your career goals! We look forward to speaking with you soon.
  5. Don't end up behind the eight ball... Plan ahead now for the New Year and get ready for your job search! Hiring begins in January. Don't lose great opportunities because you aren't prepared or got behind during the holiday season.

    Career Tip of the Month: Look at your skills and past experience as transferrable to lots of different challenges and fields. Search inside to determine what you're best at and might like to do in your next position. Ask friends and colleagues for their opinion too - they might see things that you take for granted.

    Looking for a unique holiday gift idea? Don’t let your friends and loved ones lose sight of their career goals for 2015! For only $125, a Career Planning Insights Profile report can help a person's career direction OR validate one's career choice with a critical element - your occupational / behavioral style. Contact DRS today at 610-678-0147 for more information about this great gift idea.

    Happy Holidays from Dynamic Resume Solutions!

  6. According to job search trends from the October 2014 CDI Careers Summit, a job posting receives an average of 250 applications. Here are some great techonology tips to help you set yourself apart!

    • Use technology to your advantage and make sure you have a complete LinkedIn profile.
    • Increase your social media footprint! A recent study by the Society for Human Resources Management found that 77% of employers are using social networks to recruit and 94% of the recruiters using social tools said they use LinkedIn.
    • Don't forget to network! With today's job market being even more competitive, it's an even more important method of job hunting.

    Our mission at Dynamic Resume Solutions is "Empowering career-minded professionals to master the job search." Partner with us to stand out in your job search. Call us today at 610-678-0147 or email us to get started. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

  7. Did you know that 85% of all jobs go to the person the employer likes and thinks will "fit in" versus the perfect technical match? It's roulette if you don't prepare! Level the playing field and perform above-and-beyond the other players.

    Keep in mind... "The interview is the only competitive sport in the world where you never see your competitors perform." Start preparing today and get started with the best in the business! Contact Darlene Dassy by email or phone at (610) 678-0147. Our services are customized just for you.

    Have you updated your resume recently? Your resume should be updated at least once a year! September is "Update Your Resume" Month... Stay ahead of your job search and update your resume today.

  8. September is Update Your Resume Month! Keep your resume current and up to date.

    Enjoy 10% OFF our Resume Services now through August 29, 2014.

    Get started with the best in the business and contact Darlene today by email or by phone at 610-678-0147.

    Resume Tip of the Month:
    Do you have a keyword section in your resume? In today's electronic world, most resumes are being scanned and categorized based on the type of position you are seeking. If your resume doesn't incorporate the proper keyword terminology for your profession or industry, then the company doesn't know which department to direct your resume. Don't make this mistake!

  9. Job interviews can be tough! Don’t miss a great opportunity… Be prepared and get the job of your dreams!

    6 Tips for Mastering Your Next Job Interview from Dynamic Resume Solutions

    • Keep your answers short, limited to 1 to 2 minutes long to avoid losing your listener.
    • Avoid “yes” or “no” responses. Always provide examples demonstrating your skills and/or experience.
    • Don’t use the words “but” or “however.” These words negate everything that came before them. For example don’t say, “I enjoy working in a team environment, but …”
    • Look directly at the interviewer and speak with interest and enthusiasm. Above all, STAY POSITIVE!
    • Answer “the question behind the question:” What is the interviewer really asking?
    • Don’t apologize for lack of experience. Instead, emphasize what you can offer.

    In a Forbes.com article we found, 15 Career Experts share the best interview tips for College Graduates!
    Which tip is your favorite? Are there any tips you would add to this list?

    Ace your next interview and jumpstart your career search with Dynamic Resume Solutions! We offer a number of resume services, as well as customized coaching services, which include job search, interview and career management coaching. Get started with the best in the business and contact Darlene Dassy today by email or phone at (610) 678-0147. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

  10. If you are looking to secure a new job, the Summer is the perfect time to get your resume up-to-date, research companies and even submit applications.

    Hiring slows down vastly in the Summer months, but doing some planning NOW will allow you to find a job quicker in the Fall. Get ahead of the many job seekers who wait too long to get their job search started!

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