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Job interviews can be tough! Don’t miss a great opportunity… Be prepared and get the job of your dreams!

6 Tips for Mastering Your Next Job Interview from Dynamic Resume Solutions

  • Keep your answers short, limited to 1 to 2 minutes long to avoid losing your listener.
  • Avoid “yes” or “no” responses. Always provide examples demonstrating your skills and/or experience.
  • Don’t use the words “but” or “however.” These words negate everything that came before them. For example don’t say, “I enjoy working in a team environment, but …”
  • Look directly at the interviewer and speak with interest and enthusiasm. Above all, STAY POSITIVE!
  • Answer “the question behind the question:” What is the interviewer really asking?
  • Don’t apologize for lack of experience. Instead, emphasize what you can offer.

In a Forbes.com article we found, 15 Career Experts share the best interview tips for College Graduates!
Which tip is your favorite? Are there any tips you would add to this list?

Ace your next interview and jumpstart your career search with Dynamic Resume Solutions! We offer a number of resume services, as well as customized coaching services, which include job search, interview and career management coaching. Get started with the best in the business and contact Darlene Dassy today by email or phone at (610) 678-0147. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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