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According to job search trends from the October 2014 CDI Careers Summit, a job posting receives an average of 250 applications. Here are some great techonology tips to help you set yourself apart!

  • Use technology to your advantage and make sure you have a complete LinkedIn profile.
  • Increase your social media footprint! A recent study by the Society for Human Resources Management found that 77% of employers are using social networks to recruit and 94% of the recruiters using social tools said they use LinkedIn.
  • Don't forget to network! With today's job market being even more competitive, it's an even more important method of job hunting.

Our mission at Dynamic Resume Solutions is "Empowering career-minded professionals to master the job search." Partner with us to stand out in your job search. Call us today at 610-678-0147 or email us to get started. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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