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Don't end up behind the eight ball... Plan ahead now for the New Year and get ready for your job search! Hiring begins in January. Don't lose great opportunities because you aren't prepared or got behind during the holiday season.

Career Tip of the Month: Look at your skills and past experience as transferrable to lots of different challenges and fields. Search inside to determine what you're best at and might like to do in your next position. Ask friends and colleagues for their opinion too - they might see things that you take for granted.

Looking for a unique holiday gift idea? Don’t let your friends and loved ones lose sight of their career goals for 2015! For only $125, a Career Planning Insights Profile report can help a person's career direction OR validate one's career choice with a critical element - your occupational / behavioral style. Contact DRS today at 610-678-0147 for more information about this great gift idea.

Happy Holidays from Dynamic Resume Solutions!

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