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Use a Good LinkedIn Summary to Brand Yourself Properly!

Use a Good LinkedIn Summary to Brand Yourself Properly!

The “social search” is dominating the market as approximately 80% of employers use LinkedIn Profile Optimization to screen job candidates. LinkedIn was not originally created with the intention of being a “job search” website, but it has become a very popular and highly successful networking tool for business professionals. More recently, LinkedIn has become a meaningful way for hiring managers and prospective employers to seek qualified candidates for positions they want/need to fill.

What business professionals and job seekers, active and inactive, should understand is that setting up a LinkedIn Account and putting in basic data about your background is not an effective way to go about marketing your presence on this important social media platform. The information on your LinkedIn Profile Summary should be based on the data contained in one's resume and/or biography in order to strategically market job seekers towards their current career goal. The idea is to not market a professional solely based on their current job title, industry, and current company responsibilities, so that job seekers are branded properly and found in searches based on their areas of expertise and career qualifications. If you want to market yourself well in order to apply for positions and be readily available should a job opportunity arise at a moment's notice, consider having your resume and LinkedIn Profile written and developed by Professional LinkedIn Profile Writer, Darlene Dassy.

Brand Yourself Properly by Creating a LinkedIn Profile that Skillfully Presents YOUR Cohesive Marketing Message!

Having a good LinkedIn Summary Example, has the unlimited potential to strengthen and extend your existing network of contacts. The key benefit of creating a great LinkedIn Profile is being able to easily access contact information for employees, decision makers, and hiring managers in companies you are interested in pursuing employment with. To “stand out from the crowd” in this highly competitive job market, consider having a mini-biography, also called LinkedIn Summary Examples, written by a Professional LinkedIn Profile Writer, Darlene Dassy that outlines your career background to your network and potential employers without the need to “post” your resume directly on the website.

If you are gainfully employed, it will be particularly important to be able to post changes to your LinkedIn Profile Summary without “announcing” to your current employer and co-workers that you are actively involved in a job search. Darlene Dassy, a Professional LinkedIn Profile Writer, can help you create a LinkedIn Summary Example that allows you to navigate the website in a confidential manner while proactively moving forward with your job search.
Writing your LinkedIn Summary Example is an important tool in the job search process and, Darlene Dassy, Professional LinkedIn Profile Writer includes this as part of the Resume Writing & Branding Package. If you are not familiar with how to integrate your specific requirements with the technology aspects of LinkedIn, consider having both the LinkedIn Summary Example along with the other sections of your LinkedIn Profile Optimization completed (and have a Profile as close to 100% complete as possible), so that you can be found in searches related to your field and profession of interest.

Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat with Help from a Top Professional LinkedIn Profile Writer!

When you order the Resume Writing & Branding Package, Darlene Dassy, a Professional LinkedIn Profile Writer, becomes personally invested in your success. That means all email correspondence and necessary phone calls to collaborate with you on the strategic resume development, cover letter, and LinkedIn Summary Example are all included in the Resume Writing & Branding Package. To brand yourself properly with the key documents that most professionals need to conduct an effective job search, contact Dynamic Resume Solutions today to see if we might be a “good fit” for your job search needs.

The Best Professional Resume Writing and LinkedIn Profile Optimization are Yours for the Taking!

Remember, few Professional LinkedIn Profile Writers are as uniquely qualified to take on the challenge of enhancing your career like Darlene Dassy:

* 13+ years of experience as a professional resume writer, along with 15 years of experience in the business world

* Respected as one of only a handful of writers earning the industry's oldest and most prestigious Master-Level Credentials encompassing:
Master Career Director (MCD), Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW), and Certified Executive Resume Master (CERM)

* Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award and Global Leader in Career Directors International (CDI)

All this training and expertise can be working for you today!

If you are ready to take your job hunt to the next level, email Darlene Dassy at info@dynamicresumesolutions.com to schedule a 30 minute no-obligation phone consultation to discuss your resume and job search needs. 

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