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Executive Package

“My investment was worth every penny spent. My interviews proved positive and I was able to pick and choose my employment from the results. The Dynamic Resume was so good that it is still working one year later!”    

Orin K., Facilities Supervisor

"After seeing how you make me look on paper, I can see why I have been having a hard time looking for my next career. My old resume looks less than sophomoric in comparison.  I cannot wait to try out the new one!"

Ted S., National Sales Manager

Master Resume Writer
Executive Resume Master
Certified Employment Interview Consultant
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Elite Service

Elite Service

Having partnered with hundreds of clients to help them "stand out from the crowd" in today's competitive job market, it would be my pleasure to discuss whether my service is a good fit for your needs and how I can possibly help you move forward with your job search.

Dynamic Resume Solutions has simplified the process of investing in your career and future by offering three categories of service that provides packages (i.e. Basic Job Seeker, Professional Job Search, and Executive & Sales Management Success) for the most needed services to get you started on the “right foot” with your job search.

Executive & Sales Success Package – Overview

  • Professionally Written Resume – Targeted personal marketing document that conforms to today’s standards for resumes and geared towards hiring manager preferences.
  • Cover Letter – Expand on the details of your career and why employers should hire you. Use cover letter as an introductory email, so employers will want to read the resume.
  • DISC Report (Sales / Management-Staff / Executive) – One version included with package. Convey your value to employers during interviews by telling how your particular traits and skills will help you perform the job.
  • LinkedIn Summary – The “social search” is dominating the market as approximately 80% of employers use LinkedIn to screen job candidates. You can compete by having a mini-biography that outlines your career background to your network / potential employers.
  • Job Search Coaching (3 One-Hour Strategic Sessions) – After your resume is written, you can tap into the insights of career transition expert by having your specific questions answered and job search concerns addressed at NO additional cost with this package.
  • Job Search Research – The Internet goes from overwhelming to targeted as you leverage this vast tool to create targeted career and employment data plans for your job search. This one-of-a-kind service provides you with a two-page reference guide for targeted job search websites that is customized based on your profession, industry, and location.
  • Executive Biography – Sell yourself as an accomplished expert with a professionally written bio for a business venture, consulting projects, website, speaking engagement, and more to ensure that all of your marketing materials highlight your achievements.
  • WinTheView™ – Enhance your interview presentation with a visual display that will boost your WOW! Factor 100%. Tap into this award-winning resource and six-month online subscription template that will improve your chances of landing your dream job.

Get the Personal Service You Want and Deserve!

Your investment also includes all phone conversations and email correspondence to collaborate with your resume writer / consultant during the course of your project.

As an added bonus, clients also receive: 

“Interview Pocket RX Guide: One-Minute Solutions to Ace the Interview” that addresses many topics on the interview process and provides appropriate answers to the mostly commonly asked interview questions.


Executive & Sales Success Package – Details

Professionally Written Resume Targeted to Career Goal

Your professionally written, designed, and formatted resume will point out your value to potential employers and has the visual appeal for hiring managers to easily view your marketable qualifications. Through a combination of skillfully summarizing career experience, incorporating appropriate keyword terminology (for electronic scanning), and showcasing relevant accomplishments, your new employer-driven resume will help you secure more interviews (job or informational).

Cover Letter Letter of Application

A Cover Letter gives you the opportunity to emphasize certain unique qualifications or state certain points that are not appropriate to include in the resume. It is true that some hiring managers do not read cover letters . . . however, potential employers overwhelmingly consider the cover letter a required part of the application process.

DISC Assessment – Sales / Management-Staff / Executive 

The Behavioral Profile implements the concepts of DISC, based on the work of Dr. William Moulton Marston. Its validity has been scientifically tested and accurately measures the four dimensions of normal behavior. The assessment provides information on: Work Environment, Adapted and Natural Behavior, General Characteristics, Key Strengths, Tendencies, Improving Effectiveness, Keys to Adapting Effective Communications, and Communicating with Others.

LinkedIn Summary – Networking Website for Professionals

LinkedIn is the networking website for professionals in all fields and has the potential to strengthen and extend your existing network of contacts. Additionally, the “social search” is dominating the market as approximately 80% of employers use LinkedIn to screen job candidates. Therefore, having a LinkedIn Profile is an important tool in the job search process and Dynamic Resume Solutions will help you write your profile in order to gain knowledge on companies that would otherwise be unavailable.

Job Search Coaching

Once you have your new resume documents in hand, you will be confident enough to go out and market yourself to potential employers. However, often questions arise and you don’t exactly know where to go for the answer. Many books and internet sources are good, but sometimes they give the job seeker “conflicting” information. Wouldn’t it be great to have an career transition expert help guide you along the way. You’d be amazed at how much information you can gain access to in only three one-hour sessions. The great part is that it is like getting $300 worth of services at no cost to you.

Internet Job Search Research

A Certified Internet Job Search Expert (CIJSE) is here to guide you through the process of exploring career options and tapping into the hidden job market. Suddenly the Internet goes from overwhelming to targeted as you leverage this vast tool to create targeted career and employment data plans for your job search. The following is what you can expect to gain with your targeted research:

  • Identify and tap into the vast wealth of Internet job search resources.
  • Evaluate and prioritize relevant sources of data for targeted career and employment research.
  • Create and execute a step-by-step plan for an effective career and job search.
  • Identify most appropriate career and employment targets (customized to your needs).
  • Evaluate the relative worth of various Internet targets for career and employment information.

Look no further if you want to confidently and strategically move forward with your job search.

Biography & Career Profile

Biographies are an appropriate way for senior-level executives and other management professionals to portray their overall qualifications and are of benefit to job seekers in unique situations such as applying for consulting work, exploring new business ventures, and much more. An added benefit to this package is that your full-page biography will be converted to a LinkedIn Summary (see paragraph above).

WinTheView™ (WTV) Career Branding & Interview Tools

This web-based tool provides an infrastructure where job seekers may build their own private portfolio of accomplishment stories, interview presentations, and follow-up letters along with a personal branding presentation and slideshow on LinkedIn Profile. Do what 90% of your competition won’t do and your chances for a job offer will increase!


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Send me an email or utilize the Contact Page to schedule a no-obligation appointment to discuss your background and resume needs.

Now is the perfect time to talk to Darlene Dassy, a Master Career Director, Certified Master Resume Writer, Job Search Coach, and Certified Internet Job Search Expert, who really cares about helping her clients manage their careers effectively!

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