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If you are confused about how to choose a resume writer and your options for selecting a professional who can best help you with your job search, you are not alone!

A few years before becoming a professional resume writer 10 years ago, I unknowingly went to my local Yellow Pages book to choose a resume writer and was disappointed with the results. In retrospect, I could have saved the $250+ because my existing resume was just essentially retyped and reformatted. It was through my ignorance in not “asking the right questions” that allowed it to happen and my hope is that this article will help you avoid the same mistake I made.

Small versus Large:

The Internet is the primary means for finding a local or national professional these days, but unfortunately, the plethora of options for resume services can serve to add further confusion to uninformed consumers.

By taking the time to research your options with respect to having a professional resume developed, you will avoid disappointment, monies wasted, and the idea that you were misled by the professional resume builder you hired. Always be sure to verify professional credentials and memberships of the company/writer you want to hire. Additionally, consider evaluating their reputation through referrals/testimonials and an online reputation search, particularly with the larger resume firms.

Since resume writing is a collaborative process between the client and the resume writer, it would be a good idea to speak directly with the writer to determine whether or not he/she can meet your needs and that you get a “gut instinct” that you would be a good fit to work together on your resume project. This would most likely only be an option if you decided to employ a smaller firm where you are apt to get one-on-one personal attention, versus a larger resume firm with a team of writers.

Certified versus Uncertified:

A Certified Resume Writer is not only trained and experienced in the complicated world of resume writing, but certification requirements in most organizations demand continuing education in the careers field.

There is a fine line between saying too much and not saying enough on your resume. However, most job seekers fall in the category of not saying enough on their resume. When you eliminate relevant information, your resume doesn’t get “selected” by the electronic scanners (used by most companies as the first screening process) because you didn’t know the “right” qualifications, core competencies, and areas of expertise to emphasize.

Even if you are the "perfect" candidate for a position, someone less skilled might get the job of your dreams because their resume was written more skillfully. It happens all the time!

Many people think that since they know their jobs well and have adequate (or even excellent) communication skills, they can prepare their own resumes. But when writing about themselves, people tend to undersell the "product” and about 98% of resumes created by an unskilled professional resume builder lack several of the most important ingredients. As a result, many opportunities are missed.

Why hire a Certified Resume Writer? My response to that is: win more interviews, maximize your strengths, stand out from the crowd, land your dream job sooner, elevate your potential earnings, solve tough job search challenges, and succeed in transitioning to a new career. When your career is important to you, seeking the assistance of a Certified Resume Writer will be money well spent. The bottom line is that by partnering with a Certified Resume Writer, you can realize your career dreams and overcome any job-related challenges you may have.

Price versus Value:

As with any product or service, what you “invest” depends on the level of customer service you desire, the quality of the product, and the value you will receive in terms of “return on investment.” When you choose a resume writer, your project is normally customized to your individual needs and optimal marketing strategy and depends on factors such as: (1) level of position desired; (2) complexity of background; (3) potential hiring issues to overcome; (3) income desired in order to market you appropriately; and (4) education and experience.

The following information may shed some light on the value of working with a qualified professional resume builder. If you are trying to determine price versus value when you choose a resume writer, here are some excellent guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Is your service provider a typing service or secretarial type of operation that formats your resume but offers no professional resume writing services?

             Expect to pay $100 and up.

  • Is the writer an Internet-based “Resume Mill” cookie-cutter type of operation with minimal personal service and low level expertise?

              Expect to pay $200 and up.

  • Is the writer uncertified, offering less than 5 years experience, an overseas writer with sketchy English, or lower skill level type of operator?

              Expect to pay $200 to $400 and up.

  • Is the writer certified, offering 5+ years of experience, attending conferences and/or completing professional development courses to stay updated on industry trends along with a proven track record, good reputation on LinkedIn and Google, and several client testimonials?

             Expect to pay $400 to $800 and up.

  • Is the writer that develops your resume part of an upscale nationally acclaimed firm and published book author, or top-level service provider catering primarily to executives?

             Expect to pay $900 to $1,500 and up.

Investing in your career is one of the most important decisions you will make and one of the very few purchases you make that can more than pay for itself in just a week or two in your new job!

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