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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, April 23, 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Darlene M. Dassy
Dynamic Resume Solutions
(610) 678-0147

READING, PENNSYLVANIA: On April 23, 2019, Darlene Dassy, earned the prestigious credential of “Magnetize Your Federal Résumé Certified Writer” from CC Career Solutions, Inc., one of the top firms in the nation dedicated to helping job candidates and professional résumé writers.

This achievement recognizes Ms. Dassy's successful completion of the Magnetize Your Federal Résumé course as well as the advanced certification of Magnetize Your Federal Résumé Certified Writer.

The Magnetize Your Federal Résumé program is a hands-on, online training program that teaches how to create a successful federal résumé with ease that scores higher in the federal rating systems so you can never be without interviews and job offers again! This exclusive federal résumé writing course:
  • Solves the #1 job seeker dissatisfaction with federal résumés—not being invited to interview.
  • Teaches how to write successful federal résumés that speak to all Six Audiences™ who read and score the federal résumé throughout the USAJOBS and federal hiring process—this is key in landing interviews that lead to lucrative job offers with the Federal Government.
  • Offers unprecedented support for job seekers and professional résumé writers.
Camille Roberts, CEO of CC Career Solutions, Inc., said “We are thrilled to roll out this exclusive program for people like Ms. Dassy. She serves job seekers who are interested in landing interviews and jobs or promotions in Federal Government. The Magnetize Your Federal Résumé course is based on our 25 years of expertise helping clients land federal jobs faster. 

We crossed every “T” and dotted every “I” to make it easy for professional résumé writers and federal job seekers to create successful federal résumés. A magnetic federal résumé will capture (and keep) the attention of the Six Audiences™, provide the information each audience needs to keep the résumé moving through the federal hiring process, and ultimately get hired into well-paying federal jobs.”

Cris Andersen, Director of Education at CC Career Solutions, Inc., said “Professional résumé writers can now uplevel their federal résumé writing and serve a high-demand market. We applaud Ms. Dassy in her achievements with this program and we are excited for new federal clients to achieve success by retaining the services of Dynamic Résumé Solutions and subsequently tapping into her vast career knowledge.”

Dynamic Résumé Solutions is a career services firm dedicated to providing high value résumé writing services and job search coaching that are aligned with the client’s culture, values, strategies, and objectives. 

Ms. Dassy has also earned the following certifications: Certified Master Résumé Writer, Certified Executive Résumé Master, and Certified Employment Interview Consultant. 

She has been successfully helping job seekers for 18 years. She is now one of a handful of outstanding new Magnetize Your Federal Résumé Certified Writers in the nation to date.

For the latest strategies in federal résumé writing, you can reach Ms. Dassy at Darlene@DynamicResumeSolutions.com.

For more information on the Magnetize Your Federal Résumé program, contact Cris@ccCareerSolutions.com.
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