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How to Start Working with DRS

How to Start Working with DRS

If you are in need of help and guidance, you can count on us for one of the best resume writing services available in Pennsylvania!

Dynamic Resume Solutions is a virtual business and one of the best resume writing services online (located near Reading, PA), providing convenient and flexible communication options for busy clients. We extensively utilize email, scanning, and phone to exchange information to create your professional resume and customized marketing documents.

To supplement the information contained on your existing resume (or start completely from scratch) and as part of our best resume writing services, you will be provided with career worksheets and/or targeted questions in order to allow you time to think about your career background, goals, and accomplishments. Your thoughtful responses to these questions will provide the additional details about your career history and credentials needed to develop a dynamic marketing tool for you. Taking the time necessary to collaborate with clients to ensure their career documentation is a fully accurate reflection of each individual's background and qualifications makes Dynamic Resume Solutions the best resume writing services available.


Developing your personal marketing documents is a collaborative effort, so it is important to provide as many details as possible about your work experience, career goals, and anticipated job search. As your provider of top resume writing services, it is my responsibility to organize those details, determine which aspects to include in the resume, and develop a succinct yet comprehensive summary of your skills, accomplishments, and professional attributes.

By working with Dynamic Resume Solutions, clients are assured of superior quality and personal service with the added benefit of allowing a more focused process for obtaining career and background data! Throughout the certified resume writing process, you can be assured of a dynamic resume that is customized to meet your job search needs.

A BEST RESUME WRITING SERVICES PUTS YOU IN THE DRIVERS SEAT! Let us help you understand the certified resume writing process. 

Below is the easy 7-step process for working with a best resume writing service, Dynamic Resume Solutions, to create a top-quality personal marketing document:

Schedule a No-Obligation Appointment: A 20 to 30-minute no-obligation phone consultation is scheduled to discuss your particular background, career goals, resume needs, and your project investment. Note: It is helpful if at least one day prior to appointment time, you email or fax your existing resume, if available, in order for the writer to properly assess your resume and career needs.

Confirm Commitment with a Credit Card: If it is agreed during our discussion that we are a "good fit" to work together, Darlene will ask you to confirm your commitment by providing a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or AMEX) for payment of services. This allows the job seeker the ability to move forward immediately with the process for developing their resume since you will be sent proprietary Career Worksheets and Targeted Profession questions from DRS within 24 hours of consultation.

Sign and Return Work Authorization Form: Your Work Authorization Form outlining the package you chose and business details, such as turnaround time, will be sent via email attachment for the client to sign and return.

Think Through Your Career History: Collaboration on your project commences when DRS receives all requested background data. Client fills out the Career Worksheets and Targeted Profession questions and usually returns to DRS within 2 to 3 weeks. When emailing worksheets back, please call Darlene if you don't receive acknowledgement of receipt in 24 hours.

Contact Darlene if Any Questions Arise: If questions arise while completing the Career Worksheets, let Darlene know as soon as possible so there are no unnecessary delays in completing your project. Darlene will contact client via email and/or phone if further information is needed to complete the resume. However, many times the questions are minor enough that they can be incorporated directly into the resume draft.

Receive Ongoing Collaboration and Communication: DRS clients have unlimited email access to Darlene Dassy during the course of working together. And client receives ongoing collaboration and communication with your writer, Darlene Dassy, from initial phone contact through to resume development process and finalization of documents. Note: Should difficulty arise in adequately completing the Career Worksheets to start the resume development process, a one-hour phone session will be provided to the client as part of the project fee.

Finalize Documents with Writer Once you Receive Resume Draft: You can expect an MS Word attachment in an email within 10 to 15 business days. Client reviews document(s) within 10 days of receipt and then advises Darlene of requested changes. Darlene revises the document within 24 to 48 hours and then you are ready to go with starting your job search! Note: Should the need arise to speak verbally to discuss questions and strategies utilized in developing your customized resume, a mutually convenient time will be scheduled.

Now is the perfect time to talk to Darlene Dassy, a Career Transition Specialist, Certified Master Resume Writer, Certified Executive Resume Master, and Certified Employment Interview Consultant who really cares about helping her client manage their careers effectively! Why not schedule a 30-minute phone consultation by utilizing the Contact Page to discuss your resume writing and job search needs.
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