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Career Services Offered by Dynamic Resume Solutions

Career Services Offered by Dynamic Resume Solutions

Dynamic Resume Solutions offers job seekers a wide range of career marketing documentation and career transition coaching options to get you started on the “right foot” in managing your career. Each client's investment in our professional career services is customized and personalized based on the difficulty and complexity of a job seeker's particular background, qualifications, and experience.

Get the Personal Service You Want and Deserve through the collaboration and expertise of a Master Resume Writer.

Look no further if you want to confidently and strategically move forward with your job search!


Your professionally written, designed, and formatted resume will point out your value to potential employers and have the visual appeal to easily view your marketable qualifications. This targeted personal marketing document will be based on your current career goal(s), conform to today’s resume standards, and is geared towards hiring manager preferences. By skillfully summarizing career experience, incorporating appropriate keyword terminology (for electronic scanning), and showcasing relevant accomplishments, your employer-driven resume will help you to secure the all-important interview. Please review the 3 service levels listed below to see where your background would fall:

$895.00 … Executives, Senior Management & Leadership Professionals

(For executives in sales, marketing, operations, finance, and more who need to portray 15+ years of career progression in a leadership and management capacity.)

$695.00 … Mid-Level Management & Experienced Professionals

(For professionals with 5 to 10 years of experience OR for a job seeker without accountability in the area of staff supervision/leadership, but has more than 10 years of experience.)

$495.00 … New College Graduates & Entry-Level Job Seekers

(For new college graduates trying to secure their first full-time position.)

LinkedIn Profile Development
The “social search” is dominating and approximately 80% of employers use LinkedIn to screen job candidates. Compete effectively in this market by having a complete and accurate profile which outlines your career background and brands in the same manner as your new resume so you can be found in searches related to your field and profession of interest. LinkedIn has the potential to strengthen and extend your existing network of contacts with the key benefit of being able to easily find out contact information for employees in companies you are interested in pursuing employment with.

Career Biography
Biographies are an appropriate way for senior-level executives and other management professionals to portray their overall qualifications in a narrative career summary format and is appropriate for job seekers in unique career situations. Sell yourself as an accomplished expert with a professionally written biography for a business venture, consulting projects, website, speaking engagement, and more to ensure that all of your marketing materials brand you appropriately and highlight your entrepreneurial background and other achievements.

E-Note Cover Letter
Impress hiring managers with your modern approach to the job search by including an e-note cover letter with your resume being sent electronically, in the body of an email message or uploaded to a job board or other online application. E-notes are short, concise, easy-to-read letters that showcase a job seeker’s top assets or quick career story. An e-note should be used when uploading a resume for online applications; when sending a resume via email; when contacting people who “never” read cover letters; and when contacting people who love cover letters!

Targeted Cover Letter
Expand on the details of your career and why employers should hire you for the position you are applying for. The targeted cover letter markets the job seeker to competitively position the person against other candidates. It is designed to highlight the top attributes the candidate has to offer and is appropriate in the following situations: when responding to a specific posting with the need to include all the relevant information and keywords; when a specific person has requested to see your resume; in formal committee-based hiring; or move the reader to action with an email, phone call, or scheduled interview. The letters are written for separate positions and can be used to reiterate what you bring to the table and why you are a match for the targeted position.


Job Search Coaching
Time is money and cutting down on the time it takes to find a suitable job is the goal of most job seekers! Why not have a Career Transition Specialist guide you through the job search maze, answer your most pressing questions, and provide you expert insights into your career and job search concerns.
For this investment, you receive coaching sessions in key areas such as:
* Guiding you through the job search maze with customization based on needs, profession, interests, and industry.
* Brainstorming ideas on job search strategies and empowering you to move forward in the RIGHT direction.
* Collaborating with an expert who shares tips, access to resources and suggestions for diversifying your job search.
* Accountability partner providing encouragement and feedback to keep you on track to finding suitable employment.
Many times you don’t know exactly where to go for the answers because career books and internet sources can sometimes give the job seeker “conflicting” information. You’d be amazed at how much information you will get in only a few sessions while at the same time empowering you to manage your career and secure a suitable position!

Employment Interview Coaching
Gain confidence in all aspects of the interview and salary negotiation process with expert advice and strategies for conquering the dreaded interview. Brainstorm with your own personal coach on any and all of your interviewing needs. Get immediate feedback on your interview responses and answers to your interview questions. You as the client benefit from Darlene’s informal style of coaching with her clients (which is not the mock interview approach).
For this investment, you receive coaching sessions with topics such as:
* Guiding you through Typical Interview Questions, Dealing with Difficult Questions, and Overcoming Objections.
* Discover the purpose of each question and develop your own customized and consistent interview responses.
* Turning interviews into a conversation and positive first impression! Questions you can Ask the Interviewer.
* Planning and Preparation; Researching and Targeting Companies; and Common Phone Interview Questions.
* The Motivation in Your Answers; The Body Language in Your Answers; 30-Second Commercial and USP.
* Navigating the Job Market with the reality of high competition for positions. What you should bring to interviews.
* Interviewing insight for those with experience as hiring managers. Handling Video, Skype and Panel interviews.
* Interview Follow-Up Strategies; Stating Salary Requirements, Salary Negotiation, Providing References and more.

Why not be prepared to “ace the interview” with coaching help from a Certified Employment Interview Consultant.
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