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Specializing in Sales, Marketing, & Operations

Specializing in Sales, Marketing, & Operations

Read further if you are a Bottom-Line and Leadership-Driven professional who drives organizational success and responds well to problems and challenges!

Are you a goal-oriented and bottom-line driven professional who skillfully drives organizational success through being a “big picture thinker” and/or visionary? Do you consider yourself a direct and no-nonsense leader with the ability to make quick, decisive, and accurate decisions? Additionally, do you derive career satisfaction from accepting challenges, taking action, and seeing immediate results? If these attributes describe your work style, you have come to the right page.

Sales, marketing, and operations professionals are respected as key leaders whose talents are fundamental to business growth and success. As an accomplished professional who has made a “positive difference” for your customers and your organization, you might be eager to advance your career or may just want to be more proactive with your networking, social media, and personal branding efforts. Perhaps you have lost your job, been affected by a corporate downsizing, seen your company merge or be acquired by another firm, or desire a physical move because of personal circumstances.

Whatever your reason for seeking career services help, it is true that the job search starts with the resume. If you are not able to make a “positive first impression” with your personal marketing documents, it is most likely that you will not be able to inspire the interest and generate the interviews you want and deserve. The reason is because branding yourself properly serves as a way to “get your foot in the door” in a variety of networking situations, helps to structure the interview process, and provides the needed rationale for a hiring decision.
For senior-level sales and marketing professionals, the recruiters, hiring managers, and human resources staff who will be reviewing your resume will want to know more about YOU--not only your success stories and the numbers supporting your accomplishments, but deeper insight into your management style, problem-solving approach, leadership skills, and ability to articulate an organizational vision. 

Additionally, with sales and marketing management professionals, it is important to show both the ability to sell and achieve results through others. Most sales managers begin with a successful career in sales and then advance to training, leading, and motivating a sales team. Your success stories are often of group accomplishments and consist of regional and/or national sales results. As a result, a strategic and detailed resume (written clearly and concisely) outlining your management career in a compelling way is a must for today's competitive job market!

Partnering with Darlene Dassy, one of only a handful of careers professionals who is a Career Transition Specialist, Certified Master Resume Writer, and Certified Executive Resume Master, which may be just what you need to allow your stellar career to “stand out” from the competition.

As a good listener and loyal supporter through her warm and caring approach, Darlene has continually demonstrated her ability to work well with professionals in sales, marketing, operations, and executive management. Working “behind the scenes” in consistent and systematic ways to create quality-driven career documents while also providing customized job search and interview coaching assistance, she is adept at showing her clients the “simplest and fastest route” to achieving their desired career path.

Dynamic Resume Solutions … Your Only Solution When You TRULY Want to “Stand Out” in Today’s Competitive Job Market!

Schedule a 30-minute phone call by utilizing the Contact Page on the left-hand side of the Homepage to discuss your career needs and determine if Darlene Dassy would be a “good fit” to work with you. You can also email Darlene directly at info@dynamicresumesolutions.com.

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