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What Would Your Career Story be Worth ...

What Would Your Career Story be Worth ...

If it resulted in “changing your life” and/or empowered you to put YOUR “direction, decisions and destiny” in your OWN hands?

The results a client receives from utilizing my professional career services will vary from person to person. Due to position demand and other factors, job seekers will find employment quicker in some professions and industries than in others. However, what is accurate completely “across the board” is that the life-changing results many of my clients have realized would be RARE for one to achieve through creating a homemade resume, using a resume typing service, or the like!

The Master-level service I offer to my clients generates interest and results primarily due to: focusing on the quality of the content through a comprehensive information-gathering process; conforming to today’s resume writing standards with a clear and concise writing style geared towards one’s career goal; customizing needs based on each client’s unique situation; and ensuring client satisfaction through a warm/caring approach and TOP level of service.

It is certainly true, from my perspective, that your story will most likely not mirror any of the stories listed below (since we are all individuals with our own story to share), BUT it will give you an overview of how investing in a highly customized professional resume (created on your behalf in collaboration with a Master-level careers expert) can pay off for you too.

Top Executive Sales Manager at Pinnacle of Hospitality Career

CLIENT – Bill P., Sales Executive: “After an efficacious three-decade career, I found myself at a reflective professional plateau. I wanted to be appreciated for years of hard work and the business acumen I bring to the table. A lateral move would not have held my attention and the kind of responsibilities associated with the next horizon was of no interest. The only option was to pursue my passion as a business consultant. The question was “Where do I begin?” I needed a notable resume, an inspiring biography, and a compelling LinkedIn profile that would communicate my fortes while separating me from the cluster of equally qualified specialists.

Darlene Dassy of Dynamic Resume Solutions had already demonstrated her writing proficiencies on previous projects. Her technique is by no means generic! I did not hesitate to reach out, engaging Darlene with the challenge of taking on my career transformation. Before long, I closed on a deal as an indepdendent contractor without completing an online application or mass emailing my resume. My first client found me through LinkedIn. Today I credit Darlene for supporting my transition into entrepreneurship. Thanks Darlene, you did it again!"

DARLENE’S COMMENTS: Branding oneself at any level is challenging enough, but for someone like Bill who was at the pinnacle of his career, it became extremely important for him to have the three personal marketing documents, i.e. resume, biography, and LinkedIn Profile to strategically target himself properly in the roles that he chose to entertain. The key for Bill was allowing the resume to see what he had to offer and then giving him time to realize that starting his own business was HIS solution to enjoying a more fulfilling career! LinkedIn helped him secure a business venture that would never have “come his way” if he had not been marketed well on this popular business networking and job search platform.

National Sales Leader Facing Career Choices Pivotal to Future Success

CLIENT – Robert S., National Sales Manager: “Making great progress and I am amidst my third interview with Amazon.com, which looks favorable. I am also speaking with a number of start-up companies. It took a few weeks to ramp up, but I am now getting hit with opportunity requests from many companies. I completed the interview cycle with a number of companies to date and did not move forward, as we could not align on a workable package. I have received many compliments on the quality of my resume and LinkedIn profile and I have you to thank for that! I sure appreciate all of the quality work you provided and will be sure to refer to you any of my friends/contacts who need similar services. I will be sure to follow up and let you know when I land!”

DARLENE’S COMMENTS: Robert was working for a well-known telecommunications firm as a National Account Manager that was in the process of restructuring and downsizing its staff. Although Robert was offered an opportunity to stay with the company, he realized it was “in his best interest” to explore other career possibilities. Robert was given the opportunity through his former employer to work with a top outplacement services firm to help him with his resume and job search. After researching the possibility, it became clear to Robert that the outplacement services firm would not provide him the quality level of service  that he needed to market himself appropriately at this pivotal point in his career. As shown in the testimonial above, Robert realized what true ROI means by working with Dynamic Resume Solutions on his job search needs.

Unemployed Job Seeker Seeking Entry-Level Marketing Position

CLIENT – Deana B., Marketing: “Less than one month after working closely with Darlene, I had landed myself a career in NYC which had been my goal for years. My biggest regret was not meeting Darlene sooner in my career search. I had spent over one year of my life searching for a job – and then suddenly my dreams had come true. I highly recommend Darlene for any service that fits your career goals. Darlene is not only an expert in her field, but she adds a personal touch to her services.  Darlene is a trustworthy professional that will do whatever it takes to make sure her clients achieve their goals. I could not be any happier with the resume and coaching services Darlene Dassy provided and the outcome of her time and dedication!”

DARLENE’S COMMENTS: Deana came to me as a referral from a family friend. I was very pleased to be able to help her since, as she mentioned above, she had spent over a year searching for a job without success. Deana became an expert on internet scams for jobs and even shared with me the “ins-and-outs” of that game. Still weary when she initially came to me, it became immediately apparent that Deana had a renewed interest in the job search after I created her new resume. Deana is a perfect example of how cutting down on the job search by even a few months can make a huge difference in one’s mental well being along with the monies saved by having a paycheck as soon as possible.

Highly Experienced Mid-Level Operations Management Professional

CLIENT – Shane H., Production Manager: “I had no idea how to communicate 20 years of experience in an intelligent and tangible form and Darlene expertly brought my resume to life in an exciting and compelling format. After only two weeks of posting my resume on the internet, I received numerous inquiries and several in-person interviews.”

DARLENE’S COMMENTS: Shane’s testament is very typical of what I hear from clients in a management position once they have had their resume professionally written by me. In other words, they have a wealth of experience and don’t know how to portray it in a concise two or three-page document. I also hear, “WOW, I can’t believe this is really me!”

When my client sees their professionally written resume, the document ‘takes on’ a whole new meaning and life of its own. More importantly, the all-important positive “first impression” gives job seekers the confidence they need to market themselves in today’s competitive job market. This provides the unparalleled potential to open doors and avail oneself of opportunities that could have not materialized without being represented in the best possible light and having YOUR career story told in a systematic way that gains the attention and interest of hiring managers.

Executive Support Professional Proactively Preparing for Relocation

CLIENT – Monica B., Executive Assistant: The first time I spoke to Darlene about my unique situation, I immediately felt at ease.  We discussed her services, my needs and most importantly how I should proceed.  She guided me forward step-by-step with her personal touch. The homework Darlene assigned to me was challenging, but the answers benefited me in the end results. When I read my resume, LinkedIn profile, and e-note cover letter, I was happy and impressed! I did not recognize all of my important accomplishments and varied responsibilities in my positions. Working with Darlene was the best decision I made. She is knowledgeable, efficient, personable and a professional “partner” to work with. It is comforting to know I am headed in the right direction for the next chapter of my career. Generous thanks to Darlene, I could not have accomplished this task without her!

DARLENE’S COMMENTS: Monica B. has had a long career as a C-Level Executive Assistant handling diversified responsibilities within all of the roles and positions she has held. Monica came to me to help her put together a compelling resume because she is planning to relocate down South with her husband within six months. What impressed me the most with Monica is that she was able to get three top-of-the-line reference letters from current and past supervisors where they basically stated she was the ‘best thing since sliced bread,’ were sorry to lose her, and would hire her back in a minute. With those kind of testaments incorporated directly into her resume, I can’t imagine immediate interest will not be realized once Monica starts sending her resume out.

Published Writer with Diverse Career Experience, Needing to De-emphasize Self Employment

CLIENT – Nicole H., Writer & Manager: “I have known Darlene for many years, so naturally when I decided to seek a position outside of my home to supplement my income as an author and musician, I thought of her to help me draw up the perfect resume. I wasn't disappointed! Darlene provided me with a set of worksheets to complete so she could learn more about my accomplishments, experiences, strengths, and skills. My answers helped her tailor my resume to my desired position and using eye-catching power words designed to impress every employer. She worked quickly and efficiently, followed up with me on her progress and answered all of my questions promptly. This resume not only highlights my many talents, but it boosted my confidence to see on paper my many successes, and will surely help to win me the position of my choice. In the future, should I choose to alter my resume, I will definitely use Darlene's services again.”

DARLENE’S COMMENTS: Nicole initially came to me because she was looking to find a part-time position to supplement her income. Although I knew she was a good singer, I had no idea the depth of her career experience, which is quite impressive! The goal for her resume was to showcase her all-encompassing background while downplaying certain aspects of her career due to her current career target. Her resume, like many other personal marketing documents I write, is designed as a master copy that can be utilized continually with revisions and tweaks (i.e. it is usually better to come back to the writer to maintain the style of formatting, writing, and consistency that was originally intended). Nicole can use this same resume with some key revisions based on whether she is looking for a part-time assistant position, a management role, or utilized for networking purposes to gain informational interviews. As an accomplished writer, singer, and producer, I felt honored to work with Nicole!

Unemployed Job Seeker with Two Distinct Career Paths Seeking Role in Accounting Operations

CLIENT – Karen S., Accounting & Merchandising: "Darlene's services have been absolutely instrumental to the success of my job search. Her resume, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile writing services are second-to-none and helped me stand out as a great candidate in a challenging job market. This coupled with her job coaching and advice helped me find great job opportunities, go on interviews, and land a great job offer! I would recommend her to anyone who's serious about landing a job they will LOVE!

DARLENE’S COMMENTS: Karen had been laid off from the position she had held for about 7 years. The challenging part in her case was that she had a diverse amount of experience to draw from where she could have gone in different directions with her career, so we realized it was important to have two versions of her resume. To her advantage, Karen was clear that she wanted to stay in the accounting field. When I was coaching her, it was obvious that due to her being proactive job search she was going to find employment in a short time. I informed Karen that hiring would subside during the holidays, but doing some networking before the holidays would be in her best interest because she would be ready for opportunities in the New Year. To the credit of both of us, Karen found suitable employment within months of retaining my services. I spoke to Karen six months after she accepted her new job and she says, “I still love the job and made the right choice! Thanks so much for everything, Darlene.”

Healthcare Professional Seeking to Market Earlier Career Experience to Existing Employer

CLIENT – Diana M., Dental Assistant: “I was approached by the dentist employed where I work about wanting to create a Dental Assistant position for the hospital. Without a resume I felt comfortable in using, I contacted Darlene and supplied her with background information regarding my career. Darlene in turn asked me more questions I had not thought of including and clarified data about some of my past positions. Additionally, Darlene encouraged me to submit a cover letter for the position which included information about why there was a need for the role and the benefits it would provide to the organization. This was not the type of cover letter I was originally planning to submit and know it had a positive impact. Although it took more than two years, the position was approved by the hospital and the State. Through Darlene’s help with designing an impressive resume and cover letter, I was chosen for the position and have been in my new role for six weeks now. I could not have done it without her and Darlene is definitely ‘the best’ in my eyes!”

DARLENE’S COMMENTS: Diana initially came to me requesting a resume and cover letter to help her secure a newly created position in the healthcare agency she worked in. The unique part about it was that Diana was the person who actually saw a need for the position. So in essence, we collaborated to advocate for the position, show the benefits the new position would fulfill in the agency for patients, and showcase what my client “bought to the table,” as evidenced by her past experience in similar roles. As we know with most government agencies, things don’t happen overnight, so it did take two years for the position to “come to fruition,” but if Diana had not taken the initiative to get my professional help with the documentation, her goal would have NEVER been realized!

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